These Mysterious 'Barcodes' Are Visible From Space In The US - And We Finally Know Why

If you've travelled across the United States, you may have noticed: the country is dotted with giant "barcodes" visible from the sky. And these constructions, whose origins date back to the 50s, aren't there by chance.

On our beautiful blue planet, there are many mysteries! From the Bermuda Triangle to the Loch Ness monster, there's always something for curious minds to discover... Today we'll lift the veil on another: these "barcodes" are quite surprising.

A real use

Visible from the sky, they can be seen in the United States - and they're not there by chance! Present for several decades, they were used by planes and satellites flying over the territory in order to calibrate aerial cameras.

Now obsolete

We can still see many in the Mojave Desert stretching from California to Nevada and Arizona, but they're no longer adapted to modern technologies. More recent tools have replaced them to accomplish this mission. That doesn't stop them from always being present and intriguing people traveling to North America!

Here's a new mystery about strange buildings on the Earth's surface that's been cleared up a bit. For those who've surveyed the American deserts, did you spot them? We think people are quite surprised when they see them, probably imagining the most crazy theories to explain their existence!

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