The US Military has officially released footage of real UFOs

The United States Navy has released footage of confirmed unidentified flying objects on an official government website.

The three videos, famously known as 'FLIR.mp4,' 'GOFAST.wmv,' and 'GIMBAL.wmv,' can all be seen in the video above. While the video's themselves are not new and have been the subject of discussion before it is a step in the direction of transparency between the public and the government.

Evidence UFOs exist

The videos were initially shared by media outlets like the New York Times as well as the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, an organisation founded by former Blink-182 singer and guitarist Tom Delonge. Chances are if you're remotely into UFO's you've probably already seen them as they've been used as some of the clearest evidence that they exist.

While the videos are clear evidence that US military personnel have indeed seen things they were unable to explain, it does not necessarily point to the fact that aliens exist.

A step towards transparency

While government officials haven't given much information about the videos themselves, the fact that they have been acknowledged and released is a step in the right direction towardstransparencybetween a government and it's people.

As research and investigations continue on these sightings as well as future sightings it is hoped that governments the world over will promptly share and disclose information as it is obtained in order to keep the public aware of the things that concern us all.

US Pentagon confirms leaked footage of UFO videos are genuine US Pentagon confirms leaked footage of UFO videos are genuine