Don't Miss the ‘Strawberry Moon’ That Will Be Visible in the Sky Tonight

Today, Friday, June 5th an amazing phenomenon known as the ‘Strawberry Moon’ will be visible in the night sky.

This year, people will be fortunate enough to witness a total of 13 different full moons as well as two super moons. Each moon has a different name depending on when it is visible. This June, we will be lucky enough to see the ‘Strawberry Moon’.

The 'Strawberry Moon' is a penumbral eclipse, which means that the Moon will pass through the Earth’s penumbra. In other words, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun will be aligned or almost aligned, and from a lunar point of view, the Sun will be partially hidden by the Earth.

Where does this name come from?

In addition to the 'Pink Moon' on April 8th and the 'Flower Moon' on May 7th, we also have the ‘Strawberry Moon'. It is apparently named this way because it tends to appear during the strawberry harvest season. In fact, it was the Amerindian tribes who gave it this name because it coincided with the period when strawberries matured.

Others believe that this name could be linked to the colour that the moon would appear on certain hot days in June. All over the world, this phenomenon has various names including 'honeymoon', 'pink moon', 'hot moon', 'hay moon’, 'moon of lovers'...

When it will be visible and how to see it

The 'Strawberry Moon' will be visible Tonight Friday, June 5th with a discreet partial eclipse but it will not be visible in all regions of the world. North America, unfortunately, will miss the show, for example.

In the UK, the Strawberry Moon will be visible from around 8 pm and will last for roughly four to five hours. This spectacle is always worth making the effort to see, just like this mysterious star that no human being has set foot on since 1972 (check out the video at the top of this article).

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