Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is Offering You The Chance To Take A Trip To Space

Fancy yourself as an amateur astronaut? For £154,000 you could be headed into space next year!

For once, this isn’t another hare-brained scheme from Elon Musk. Nope, this time it’s Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who’s offering to shoot us into orbit with his 'Blue Origin' project. His rocket, christened 'Blue Shepard', can accommodate up to six lucky and rather well-off passengers.

The 18-metre-long spacecraft will be launched several dozen miles into space for a grand total of ten minutes, giving the six passengers just enough time to get an extra-terrestrial glimpse of the Earth.

No need to pack your bags then! This is what you might call an express return ticket, but it’s worth mentioning that it might be a slightly bumpy ride. That is to say you’ll be disembarking with a parachute.

That’s right, this 200,000 dollar (about £154,000) shot of adrenaline is definitely not for the faint-hearted, especially when you consider that – according to Reuters – the price could increase by another 100,000 dollars (about £75,000) still.

The first takeoff is scheduled for 2019 and there’s already a waiting list of 650 people, so what are you waiting for?

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