According To A NASA Scientist, Aliens May Already Be Among Us

A NASA researcher recently published an article in which he mentions the possibility that extraterrestrials may already be among us.

What if little green men are already among us? In a recent article published on the web, Professor Silvano P. Colombano, who works at a NASA research centre has put a hypothesis forward that should delight science fiction fans. For him there is the possibility that humans have coexisted for a long time with a form of extraterrestrial life, without us even realising it.

‘I just want to show that the intelligence that we could find, or that could choose to find us (if this has not already happened), is probably not a carbon-based organism like us,’ he explains in the article presenting his theory, published on the NASA website. According to the researcher, it could be a ‘super-intelligent and extremely small entity,’ which could have come to our planet thanks to technologies much more evolved than ours.

‘If we adopt a new set of assumptions about a higher form of intelligence and technology that could be found, some phenomena could correspond to specific hypotheses, and we could begin serious investigations,’ he concludes.

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