When A Snake Attacked Her Babies This Mother Rabbit Didn't Hesitate To Attack

Some locals managed to film an epic battle between a rabbit and a snake that attacked her young. Who have you got your money on?

Whoever said that rabbits are just defenceless prey? This female just proved them wrong. When she returned to her burrow, she came across a long black snake that was calmly attacking her young. It didn’t take long for the rabbit to react and pounce on the reptile.

Unfortunately, at least two of her young were already dead which the rabbit realised when she got closer. Then there was quite an epic fight. The rabbit threw herself on the snake and grabbed it by the neck with its teeth before delivering multiple blows with her hind legs. And when it tried to flee, she followed it, so she could have a second go.

The video was filmed by locals and they didn’t miss a second of the action. At one point, the reptile tries to escape through a low wall, but the rabbit doesn’t let it. She catches it and attacks again and even though it looks like the snake tries to bite the rabbit, according to specialists it doesn’t look like it manages to.

David A. Steen, snake expert at the Museum of Natural History at Auburn University, explained to The Dodo that this snake is a Pantherophis obsoletus, a non-venomous species of coiled snake. According to him, the mother and her surviving young probably got away unharmed after the fight.

Two snakes battle it out all while being attacked by a wasp Two snakes battle it out all while being attacked by a wasp