This Is What Happens When A Boa Constrictor Attacks A Porcupine

This Is What Happens When A Boa Constrictor Attacks A Porcupine

The boa constrictor has a reputation of being a formidable predator. However, it’s not uncommon for them to meet their match. This is exactly what happened to this serpent in a series of events that were caught on camera by one man walking his dog. May be a rough day for that snake!

Fluttering about on the ground, this snake was evidently in a bad way, and it’s clear why. According to a witness, the snake is described to have attacked an animal, it should have stayed away from: a porcupine.

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The boa, which normally feeds on other reptiles, birds and small mammals, kills its prey by choking it with its powerful body. But this technique was not enough to take down the porcupine, who fought back by shedding its spikes. It unknown whether the snake survived the ordeal.

It must be said that the defence technique of the porcupine is very effective. Its spines are not only very sharp but also very rigid, which allows them to sink deep into its prey’s flesh. In November 2015 in Canada, three dogs are said to have experienced a similar encounter with the spikey mammals.

Check out the video above to see the nasty effects attacking the porcupine had on the boa constrictor! 

Abbie Marshall
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