This Is The Most Dangerous Time Of Day To Smoke

This Is The Most Dangerous Time Of Day To Smoke

Yes we know – cigarettes are dangerous and it’s a nasty habit. But did you know that there is one specific moment in the day where smoking poses an even greater risk to your health?

If you’re a smoker (cheers if you’re not!), you must be getting a bit tired of everyone telling you that cigarettes are bad for you, aye? You know that smoking isn’t the best habit in the world to pick up, yet quitting is easier said than done.

Well we’ve got some good news for you: if you can resist lighting up early in the morning, you can greatly reduce the amount of potential damage that you would do to your body. According to research, those who smoke within the first thirty minutes following waking up are more greatly exposed to the risk of cancer than smokers who don’t. The reason? Those are smoke first thing in the morning tend to show a pattern of “heavy, uninterrupted, and automatic smoking”, therefore leading to higher consumption.

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That’s not to say that someone is safe should they smoke at other times of the day – but that’s no surprise yeah?  

Stacey Williams
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