This Is Why You Should Never Borrow Phone Chargers From Strangers

Borrowing a stranger's charger can get you in a lot of trouble. Here's what you need to know.

We live in an era where keeping your personal data private is slowly becoming a myth. Indeed, although in some instances, you can legally prevent your data from being collected, hackers leave you no choice.

In 2019, hacking a laptop or a computer is becoming more and more common. Hackers use new electronics, such as a charging cable that is rigged with an implant, to take control of your computer.

A manager at IBM Security spoke about the cable that could give a hacker access to your computer. RTL reported: "(it) looks like a regular cable, but [it] has the ability and the intelligence to install malicious software on the victim's device."

A rigged implant

Basically, hackers can put an implant inside a normal-looking charging cable, which allows them to remotely control your computer.

Once you plug it into your device, the hacker can access all of your data without you realizing it. Once they're done hacking, you probably won't be able to tell you were hacked.

However, there are some difficulties for the hacker. First, they have to be within 90 metres of the victim as they're hacking them. Also, they have to make sure that no request for remote control of the device pops up on the computer screen.

This cable, which costs £165, will soon be hitting the market.

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