New iPhone Text Bomb "Black Spot Of Death" Causes Overloading, Death Of Devices

A new malicious bug has been circulating amongst Apple products that could completely brick your device. Watch our video and find the warning signs to look out for!

What if one single text could cause you to lose your iPhone? That nightmare is very much a reality ever since the most recent text bomb has been circulating amongst Apple devices. The worst part: it can't be deleted.

The loss of your device... caused by a single emoji

The text bomb bug, called the "black spot of death", is a simple yet incredibly effective to cause your phone to go haywire. The message is filled with thousands upon thousands of black dot emojis. The sheer quantity of these emojis arriving at once is enough to overload the phone and leave user with just a black screen.

Initially just a problem that plagued WhatsApp users, the bug has now found its way onto iMessage.

While it may not kill every phone it touches, reversing the effects of the bug is not the simplest thing in the world: without the use of the tactile screen, you have to create a new message to access your inbox, be it with the help of Siri or the 3D touch mechanic.

Those with older Apple devices should be extra careful: the older the device, the more vulnerable it is to the attack.

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