Android: Google now allows you to delete the last 15 minutes of search history

The feature has been rolled out on iOS devices since last year.

If you use the Android app, you can now delete the last 15 minutes of your search history with a single tap. Google is extending this service to its Android app after launching it on iOS last summer.

‘Delete last 15 minutes’

According to The Verge, the feature will be rolled out across all Android devices in weeks. However, some users have made social media posts suggesting they already have access to this feature.

To check if you are one of the first users to have this feature, open your Google Android app tap on our profile picture and look for the ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ option. If you don’t see it, rest assured you’ll be in the loop soon enough. According to The Verge, Google Spokesperson, Ned Adriance said in a statement:

We’re currently rolling this feature out on the Google app for Android and expect it to be available to everyone using the app in the next few weeks. We’re continuing to explore ways to bring this helpful feature to other surfaces.

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Good addition

When Google introduced this feature on iOS in July last year, it had promised to roll it out on Android devices by the end of the year. But, it apparently missed its own deadline, thus the recent announcement. What remains unclear is whether the company intends to extend the feature to the Google app on desktops.

Apart from manually going through one’s search history to delete specific searches, Google also offers the option to automatically delete history that’s 3 months, 18 months, or 36 months old.

Cyberattack: Ban this Android app on your phone now! Cyberattack: Ban this Android app on your phone now!