The Nightmare That Humans Have Been Having Since The Dawn Of Time

Human beings have been suffering from this disturbing nightmare for thousands of years.

8% of people have been affected by sleep paralysis. What is it? It’s a phenomenon where you can’t move but remain conscious and seemingly aware of your surroundings; in other words, your mind and your body are on two separate planes.

Incidentally, the English word ‘nightmare’ is rooted in this experience. Maere in Old English means incubus, denoting an evil spirit which, according to legend, lies on and suffocates sleepers. But don’t worry, this phenomenon is far from unnatural or paranormal.

It is simply the result of waking up during a phase of deep sleep, the one which makes you have dreams. This hair-raising dream is caused by a strong feeling of stress, jet lag, or immense fatigue. So don’t panic, you can go back to sleep peacefully!

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