This Footage Of A 'Satanic' Shark Is Terrorising The Internet

We know all about the predators of the seas. We will focus here on sharks however, which, despite their notoriety, have many fans. It was at the Calypso Star Charters Centre in Australia that this photogenic shark was discovered.

This Footage Of A 'Satanic' Shark Is Terrorising The Internet
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Recently a shark became very famous on social media.

Divers from the Calypso centre were swimming in the midst of underwater species as usual. They took a series of photos, which they posted on their Instagram page.

In one photo, you can see a face on the torso of the shark, which could remind you of several characters.

After the photo was posted on their page, a quiz was launched to determine whether or not it looked like Satan.

There were several proposals, including the Joker, Batman’s arch-nemesis.

The photo collected more than 20,000 likes and 250,000 views in one week. This new star has been able to attract more crowds and advertise for the Australian aquatic centre.

Although sharks are not loved by everyone, thanks to this new star, you can start to see them in a different light. It could even give you the desire to go swimming with them... or perhaps not!