These Fishermen Caught A Shark, But It Was Stolen From Them By A Huge Predator

These Fishermen Caught A Shark, But It Was Stolen From Them By A Huge Predator

A giant fish has devoured a shark right in front of two fishermen in Florida. Caught on the fishing line, this little shark didn't have the slightest chance against the goliath grouper fish.

There are some scary creatures lurking in the seas. This giant is no exception, the Atlantic goliath grouper, scientifically known as Epinephelus Itajara, is one of the largest fishes that inhabit the reefs. Fully grown, they can reach 2.7 metres in length and weigh up to 600 kg.

Typically found in the western hemisphere, they can be seen any where from the FloridaKeys in the US, the Bahamas, most of the Caribbean and most of the Brazilian coast. In the eastern AtlanticOcean, it can be found from the Congo to Senegal.

A female goliath grouper can cary tens of millions of eggs and they are known to travel hundreds of kilometers in order to spawn.

These creatures have a lifespan of about 37 years, the age of a grouper can be told through counting the growth rings on its dorsal fin, much like telling the age of a tree.

This giant bony fish has a large mouth and a tail that is shaped like a fan, despite having teeth they will usually engulf and swallow their prey whole.

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Their diet is usually based on several marine animals, including smaller fish and sea turtle hatchlings - and as you can see in this video - they can even feed on sharks.

Source: Sport Diver

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