These Divers Were Filmed Swimming With The Largest Shark In The World

While divers quietly explored the seabed, a great white shark appeared out of nowhere scaring Hawaii. Scuba divers had the opportunity to film the shark, giving us a video that makes us shudder.

It was a typical sea voyage for a team of divers off the island of Oahu (Hawaii). They observed tiger sharks sharing the carcass of a sperm whale. Then the sharks moved away and gave way to a shark of more than 6 metres and 2.5 tonnes.

The largest species in the world

With such measurements, it could be the largest specimen observed in the world. The Great white shark would be a female, possibly pregnant, showing "deep blue" markings, one of the largest white sharks recorded. This female could be over 50 years old.

A memorable encounter

Ocean Ramsey, a professional diver and shark specialist swam for a long time, the shark was harmless and came to scratch at the hull of their boat. She immortalized their swim with the predator, swimming for long hours at his side.

It is even more surprising that the diver, accompanied by the wildlife photographer Kimberly Jeffries, was able to cross the shark in the warm waters of Hawaii, with sharks generally preferring cooler places like the Pacific coast of California, where they feed on sea lions and elephant seals.

Ocean Ramsey will remember this encounter for a long time, which she recounts emotionally to the Star Adviser: "It was just this beautiful, huge and sweet creature who wanted to use our boat like a scraper. We left at sunrise and she stayed with us most of the day. " The pictures and the images are impressive.

Check out the video above to see the incredible footage for yourself!

This 23 feet long shark could be the world's largest ever great white shark This 23 feet long shark could be the world's largest ever great white shark