Sick Of Captivity, This Shark Shattered The Glass Of Its Aquarium In A Ukrainian Hotel

In the Ukrainian city of Odessa a shark lived in the aquarium of a hotel. Tired of being locked up and bred in captivity, the big fish committed an incredible act...

This thorny shark lived in the aquarium for several months. Also known as the spotted dogfish, it lives in shallow, cool waters. It can reach 1m60 as an adult.

According to the administration, the glass could not withstand the abrupt movements of the shark as it began to swim frantically in all directions. After a while, it managed to break the glass and landed in the middle of the hotel, surrounded by clients...

To save the predator, specialists have rescued the shark and transferred it to a safer place, a special container located at the Odessa dolphinarium.

Check out the video above to see the incredible scenes for yourself!

By the editors
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