She Held Her Breath As The Shark Opened Its Enormous Jaws... Her Photos Tell An Incredible Story

These magnificent photos captured an incredible - yet heart-stopping - moment when a diver came face to face with an enormous whale shark.

These photos of a whale shark are currently making their way around social media. In the images that you can find in the video above, you can see a whale shark opening its huge mouth right next to a diver.

Luckily for the diver and the photographer, whale sharks aren’t actually dangerous for humans, because they exclusively eat plankton. Debbie Wallace, the photographer, opened up about these images which was then picked up by Sputnik News.

‘In a couple of the photos, I was photographing a huge school of barracudas when I panned to my left to find this gorgeous juvenile female whale shark about to enter the school. As she was entering, the school of barracudas parted to allow her passage. Tubbataha is a magical place and is basically a wide-angle heaven for photographers.’

Check out the video above to see the images for yourself!

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Footage of man riding a whale shark has gone viral Footage of man riding a whale shark has gone viral