Prey becomes predator: Unsuspected animal has been observed attacking sharks

Scientists have found evidence of an unsuspected animal attacking sharks.

In a world's first, scientists were blown away by the discovery of this globally known prey roaming around the ocean waters, munching on sharks from time to time. It makes these species a small clan of marine predators who feast on sharks.

Prey becomes predator

Prey becomes predator: Unsuspected animal attacks sharks Getty Images

After investigations on scat and scars, it was discovered that the leopard seal, an apex predator known to attack penguins and other seals, has been observed to feast on sharks in New Zealand waters.

The scars on the body of the seals were closely monitored and the conclusion of the new predator-in-town was made. These innocent-looking creatures usually hail from the Antarctic, and they don't know what they are usually feeding on.

Krista van der Linde from led the study and said the findings blew them away.

Ms Van der Linde says:

Leopard seals are one of the only species coming north from the Antarctic, and it could be because of their diet, because they are feeding on things they've never fed on before.

The researchers discovered shark remnants in leopard seal faeces and apparent evidence of shark fights on the seals' bodies, showing that the marine mammals regularly hunt sharks.

Human's friend

Seals and sea lions are often called the 'puppies' of the ocean. And well, why not?

A seal's evolutionary phase coincides with that of a dog, and they are typically territorial in nature. According to Ms Van der Linde, seals are far less violent toward humans than they are shown in movies.

Ms Van der Linde said:

They show them as these animals with big reptilian like heads and huge teeth, and it's nothing like that.
Leopard seals will haul out on our shores and lay on the beach and rest.
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