Check Out This Incredible Footage of a Hammerhead Shark Stealing a Fisherman's Catch

Three fishermen caught a fish before having their catch stolen by a hammerhead shark.

On August 11th, in the Caribbean Sea off of Costa Rica, three fishermen had an amazing encounter. They had just caught a tarpon, a fish that can measure up to ten feet long, but they were then robbed of their catch... by a hammerhead shark!

The man who had caught the fish was planning to release it, but they weren’t expecting a shark to show up. In the video, the fisherman can be seen trying to save the tarpon by putting his hands into the water to help it, but the hammerhead shark ends up winning the fight.

A dangerous situation

One of the fishermen confided to LADbible:

‘It was a huge hammerhead shark, very aggressive, but we wanted to try to save the tarpon. We tried to get the hook out of its mouth, but it was in vain,’ one of the fishermen said.

One of the representatives of the Department of Fisheries of Costa Rica stated that, as a general rule, hammerhead sharks do not feed on tarpon. Rather, they prefer sailfish or swordfish. He also stated that this situation was very rare and stressed its dangerous nature:

It was a very dangerous situation for José and his friends. In their place, I wouldn't have stayed there for long. Encounters like this normally happen miles offshore.
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