A Fisherman Was Left Speechless By What He Found In This Shark's Stomach

A Fisherman Was Left Speechless By What He Found In This Shark's Stomach

After accidentally catching a shark whilst fishing, they decided to open the shark’s belly and what they found inside left them speechless.

The ocean continues to be a mystery for mankind. We’ve walked on the moon and we’re still trying to find a planet with the same conditions for life as the ones that exist on Earth, but we’re still clueless about what is hiding in the depths of the oceans.

A hammerhead shark was recently caught in the nets of a fishing boat off the coast of Florida while it was on out on a fishing trip. But what they then discovered inside left them shocked and deeply upset.

This wasn't just any hammerhead shark though, it was in fact pregnant when it got caught in the nets of the fishing boat called 'Phoenix' and after they pulled the shark onto the boat to inspect the situation further, they removed no less than 34 dead shark pups from inside the mother.

As a rule, great hammerhead sharks are not protected by the government, although they are listed as an endangered species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's 'Red List'. This particular shark was found with spear or bullet holes in its body.

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