This flight company allows you to have sex during the flight

Is one of your longtime sexual fantasies to have sex on a plane? Well, there is one company in the US that can help you with that!

Everyone has sexual fantasies, some can be very common that many people want, others can be lesser-known and more secretive. One very common sexual fantasy though is having sex on a plane during the flight. This one company in the US specialises in this.

Fly high

As mentioned before, plane sex is a very common sexual fantasy. It isn’t unknown that some couples do the deed in the toilet during their flight. However, this isn’t ideal as the toilets aren’t very spacious. It isn’t the most comfortable or hygienic place to do the dirty, and surely the smell doesn't help. Also, it can be an inconvenience for other passengers who may need to use the vicinity.

But did you know that in the US there is a company that offers passengers a chance to have sex on the plane and not in the toilet. Indeed the company offers a specialised romantic space to have sex on their plane.

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Love Cloud

The company is called Love Cloudand it isn’t surprising to know that the company is based in Las Vegas, the city known for its extravagant activities.

The flight is short and only lasts 45 minutes, so don’t waste any time once you’ve settled into the comfy red beds. Love Cloud also offers deals for those who come in threes or fours.

One client said:

I’ve never gotten dressed so quickly in my life.

If you feel a bit peckish after your amorous activities with your partner, you can eat a nice candlelight dinner, which does cost extra.

The company doesn’t only offer miles high sex, it also allows you to get married at over 9,000 metres altitude for 1,195$.

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