The 8 missionary variations to try out with your partner

But in order to take your partner to cloud nine, there are some basic rules you need to know.

The missionary is a classic among sexual positions. But even the most well-known and classic position has its variations to reach cloud nine. We tell you all about couples' favourite position.

An underrated classic

The missionary has up to 8 different variations. From varying the rhythm, the depth and the angle, the secret is change. it. up! A good missionary is a missionary that is like no other.

The missionary position can be passionate and wild or sensual and sweet, it's up to you. It's one of the positions that allows you to reach orgasm simultaneously, almost always. Don't think of it as the fast track, quite the opposite. All you need is a little imagination and pleasure is guaranteed.

The 8 variations on the missionary

1. The blocking missionary: In this take on the missionary position, the woman will keep her legs closed during intercourse. This change in position will intensify the pleasure for both partners.

2. The lotus seat: A very popular posture. The woman, once lying down, lifts and bends both legs. The man kneels in front of her and you can just let yourself go and enjoy a deep intimacy.

3. The homemade: From the traditional missionary position, the woman then lifts her hips and folds her legs around the man's waist. The arms are used to maintain balance.

4. The Number 8: The man lies on top and keeps his arms fully stretched out. It is now her turn, with her legs up, to hold on to his hips and set the rhythm.

5. The truce: This is based on forming a 90° angle. The partners stand side by side and join genitals at the point of the angle. The result is a deeper penetration.

6. The box: This variation means not using the arms during intercourse. The man keeps them stretched backwards and the woman puts her legs around her partner's waist and thus takes control of the movements.

7. The zen pause: For those who prefer a more prolonged pleasure. Both partners face each other, but sideways. Bring your hips together and the action begins.

8. Nirvana: The man remains motionless on top while the woman moves.

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