She had sex 365 days in a row to save her relationship

After years of living together, many couples can fall into a rut. One woman decided to rekindle the flame by making love to her husband 365 days in a row.

She had sex 365 days in a row to save her relationship
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It's hard to fight against a routine when you've been in a relationship for a long time. One woman decided to have sex with her husband 365 days in a row to try and save her marriage.

She fell into a rut with her husband

When you have been in a relationship for several years, one can often fall into a rut. You may even pay a little less attention to each other. This can make a relationship very fragile, as Brittany Gibbons experienced. This mother simply didn't feel desirable anymore after the arrival of her third child.

Focused on her role as a mother, Brittany Gibbons felt like she had lost her femininity. She had let herself go and neglected her relationship with her husband. Kind words, sensuality, and sex became rarer and rarer. After realising that her marriage was taking a turn for the worse, she decided to do something about it and made an unusual decision!

Brittany Gibbons took on a huge challenge

One day, Brittany Gibbons stepped up to the plate to save her marriage. She decided to start taking care of herself again and set a challenge for herself. The mother of three chose to have sex with her husband every day for 365 days. She first decided to sleep naked so that her partner could rediscover her body. It also gave her a lot more self-confidence and helped her reconcile with herself.

At the beginning of the challenge, Brittany had to force herself to have sex every day. At first, this was a strain. However, she realised that the more she had sex, the more she wanted her husband. She felt much more fulfilled and her marriage changed completely!

After having sex with her husband every day for a year, Brittany says she is now closer to her husband. She loved the experience and says it saved her marriage. She recommends it to anyone who wants to rekindle the flame in their relationship!