Kamasutra: The 5 positions that promote sleep

Here are the 5 Kama Sutra positions that will make it easier to fall into dreamland, according to a British study.

Kamasutra: The 5 positions that promote sleep
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Insomniacs know a lot of tricks to try to fall asleep more easily: breathing, meditation, ASMR... But as we know, there is one method that has proven its worth—and is quite pleasant. It is of course night-time boinking, i.e. sex. In fact, men are more likely to fall into the arms of Morpheus after a night of love than women, thanks to a whole cocktail of hormones that we'll tell you about here.

But a British study has highlighted the fact that certain positions tend to be more conducive to sleep. Discover without further ado the 5 Kama Sutra positions that will take you to dreamland.

The 5 Kama Sutra positions that promote sleep

The website The Dozy Owl, which specialises in sleep, conducted a three-month study on 1,652 volunteers. The survey, published in Metro UK magazine, explains that the volunteers were asked to wear a sleep monitor and perform certain positions just before going to bed.

No less than 25 positions were studied and some were found to be more conducive to sleep, particularly REM sleep, although no explanation has yet been given:

5. The andromache would have been beneficial and would increase REM sleep by 26%

4. The bridge position would have the same result, +26%

3. The spread eagle would allow us to gain 35%.

2. The batch position would increase REM sleep by 39%

1. Finally, the best position to promote a good night's sleep would be doggy style (+43%)

Which positions should be avoided before going to sleep?

If some practices help you fall asleep, others should be avoided. Do not perform the corkscrew position before starting your night as it decreases REM sleep by 26%. Standing sex and the spider position (very acrobatic) will cause you to lose 22%. Finally, the missionary position is not a good idea either, as it will take away 9% of your REM sleep.