Kama Sutra: Discover the jackhammer, the sporty (but intense) position

The Kama Sutra allows us to discover new sensations and experiences in bed. The jackhammer position will please lovers of sporting experiences.

Sex can (sometimes) be a long, quiet river, and from time to time you feel the urge to discover new things. Although vanilla sex is something we love and should not be denigrated, we are not against a little unexpected experience. If you've already tried the padlock position or the triumphal arch position, you might need a little help to come up with a new idea. We've got one for you: the jackhammer position.

What is the jackhammer position?

Be warned, the jackhammer position is not the easiest to achieve. You will need a lot of stamina and flexibility to do it in the best possible conditions.

To do the jackhammer, the man should be standing with his legs slightly bent. The woman should try a little more caper: she should perform a movement similar to a headstand. Her partner holds her tightly to ensure her stability. Afterwards, both lovers have to feel their way around to find the right balance so that the man can penetrate his partner. The back and forth movement is done with a skilful leg movement.

Why do we do the jackhammer position?

Obviously, the jackhammer position is not a position that will last very long. The man will quickly get tired and will prefer to move on to something less athletic. However, installed like this, both partners discover new sensations that cannot be felt in a more traditional position.

Indeed, the penetration is very different from what we know since the lovers are not in the usual axis and the penis is placed in a different angle. Thanks to this idea of the Kama Sutra, you will discover a world that you have not yet explored.

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