Doctor explains why men last longer in bed in the morning

A sexologist explained on TikTok why men have more stamina during morning sex.

Sex in the morning is a great way to start the day off on the right foot, but this is not its only benefit. It could be that men perform better, especially in terms of endurance, during morning sex. At least that's what a sexologist with the pseudonym 'therealsabidoctor' said on TikTok. In one of his videos, the doctor, who is followed by more than 60,000 users on the social network, explains why women should encourage their partners to get frisky as soon as they wake up.

Benefits of morning sex

‘Ladies, here's a little sex tip for you, especially if you're not very impressed with your partner’s sexual stamina,’ the doctor begins in his video, which you can watch a little further down, before explaining:

Testosterone, which is the male sex hormone, is usually highest in the early mornings.

This has two consequences, he says: stronger erections, and the possibility of having sex several times in a row (if you're really fit). The doctor urges:

The bottom line here is you need to be intentionally strategic, stop leaving things to chance.

Techniques for delaying orgasm

And if, despite this little medical trick, you still can't achieve the performance you aspire to, you should know that there is a whole battery of corrective techniques used all over the world.

In a study published in September 2019, a technique mentioned in particular is the ‘safety wank,’ which, as its name suggests, consists of masturbating before the act ‘to lower the level of tension or sexual excitement,’ used by 45% of the men questioned.

Another tried and tested technique is the ‘stop-start’ technique, which consists of stopping the back and forth movement when ejaculation is dangerously close, used by 66% of men.

Why should you be having morning sex? Why should you be having morning sex?