Arcwave survey reveals the frisky habits of British Olympic fans

The Olympics is well known for being a hotbed of hormones, but a new survey shows that its fans are just as rowdy.

Arcwave survey reveals the frisky habits of British Olympic fans
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Every four years populations gather around their screens to witness the world’s top-rated athletes in action, battling it out for bronze, silver and gold. But, while being rivals on the field, Olympians are well known for getting frisky post-trial.

Thanks to coronavirus, it seems like this year’s competitors won’t be enjoying the usual sex-fest often reported by the tabloids. Still, with 11,000 athletes in their physical peak confined together without the ability to explore Tokyo, we have no doubt these Olympians are still finding ways to get busy.

But what about the sex habits of Olympic fans?

Doggy style tops the list as Olympic fans’ favourite position

Since this year’s athletes are meant to be abstaining,Arcwavedecided to turn its attention to its spectators. The sex-toy company specialising in the male orgasm conducted a survey, revealing the sexual habits of British Olympic Fans. And let’s just say they get pretty bawdy.

According to Arcwave’s survey, over half of British Olympic fans (59%) admitted they believed they had an above-average sex life, with 36% disclosing that they had sex with their partner at least once per week.

The Olympics hosts a total of 33 sports and 46 disciplines, with 41% of Brits admitting that football was their favourite to watch, followed by tennis (21%), Formula 1 (20%) and Boxing (17%). It also seems that the UK Olympics fans’ favourite positions are just as varied, with 31% placing doggy style at the tops of their lists, with missionary, cowgirl and spooning following behind at 26%, 15% and 8%, respectively. A further 46% also admitted to using sex toys with their partner - and 26% of fans revealed it’s something they’d like to try.

Spain comes in first place for ‘solo events’

Arcwave’s Olympic survey results were able to expose some of the raunchy sex habits of British viewers, but when it comes to ‘self-love’, fans admitted they masturbated at least four times per week. But, for 62% of survey participants, the topic of masturbation is still taboo, stating they don’t believe it’s something that needs to be talked about.

Arcwave even took their survey international. Spain takes home the title of ‘masturbation champion’ with 53% admitting they enjoy the act at least once a week. Here’s how the rest of the world stacks up:

1. Spain 53 %

2. USA 51 %

3. UK 48 %

4. Italy 47 %

5. Canada 46 %

6. Australia 45 %

7. Austria 44 %

7. Switzerland 44 %

9. Germany 43 %

10. New Zealand 42 %

11. France 40 %

12. Hong Kong 36 %

12. Russia 36 %

14. Singapore 35 %

14. Taiwan 35 %

16. Japan 32 %

17. Korea 32 %