10% of people look at their mobile phones while having sex

If you are addicted to your mobile phone, to the point of looking at it during sex, then you are part of this 10%!

There's really no excuse if you tend to look at your smartphone during sex. What's worse is that you're not the only one who does it!

Looking at your phone during sex

Relationships are complex and it is not uncommon to argue with your partner. However, sexual relations allow you to strengthen your ties and spend some quality time with your partner. Unless he/she is addicted to his/her mobile phone...

Here's a little situation... You're getting intimate with your partner, everything is going well, and then you receive a message or notification: what do you do? If you answer that you look at your mobile phone, then you are part of the 10% of people who look at their mobile phones during sex.

Young people addicted to their phones

A recent American study by SureCall made this finding. According to their research, among the 1,000 participants, 18-34-year-olds were twice as likely to look at their phone as 35-51-year-olds. To be even more precise, 43% of this 10% admitted to having been on their mobile phone during sex at least ten times in the year.

Looking at your phone during an intimate moment is a real love killer, however. Your partner may not like you looking at your phone rather than focusing solely on him/her and it's easy to see why! This study was originally intended to show people's addiction to smartphones. 75% of these people admitted to sleeping with their mobile phone and 69% confessed to being on their phone while using the toilet!

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