This Is Why You Should Be Listening to Music While You Work
This Is Why You Should Be Listening to Music While You Work
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This Is Why You Should Be Listening to Music While You Work

We've all done it... throw on some tunes in hopes that our favourite tasty licks will help the day to pass quicker or at least drown out the sound of Chad's annoying, open-mouth chewing. But did you know music can actually help you be more productive at work?

There have been numerous studies done on the subject, but you've also may have gotten a hint of evidence through your own experimentations. Whether you throw on some motivating music in order to sit down and get a paper done or listen to some light jazz while you mindlessly do data entry.

Whatever it is that you do, you may have realized that, when you listen to the right songs, you find your efforts to be more fluid and you actually are getting more done. Well, this isn't just a placebo effect you experience when listening to the things you enjoy, it turns out that there is real evidence that proves music can help our minds in all sorts of ways, and surprisingly enough certain genres can have similar effects on people no matter their preference of tunes.

A published study highlighted that quality-of-work was actually improved when listening to music. Music is also proven to elevate mood through endorphin production. Ideally, you listen to the music you listen to because it makes you happy, and actually being happy at work can increase your productivity and help you focus.

To boil it down, you'll be more productive at work if you're happy. So logic dictates that, if you listen to music that makes you happy you should be able to work better. Go ahead, give it a try. However, it may be a good idea to avoid music that will distract you. For example, if you're listening to new, lyric-based music you may be hearing for the first time, it can actually distract you from the task at hand, as you'll be paying more attention to the song than your work. The best thing to do is make a playlist of familiar music you know and love that will enable you to keep your attention on the work you need to do.

So how can different genres help you in different ways? Well, research has shown that certain genres can have similar effects on peoples brains. For example, research has shown that metal or more 'angry' music can actually help calm someone down or even help those suffering from depression.

Check out our video to see what other effects different genres can have on our brains.

By Eric Allen

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