If You Know Someone Who Majored In Business and Economics, Stay Away From Them

According to a study from Science Direct, a 'Dark Triad' traits have been associated with specific educational choices. According to the study, Business and Economics graduates have a tendency to be narcissistic psychopaths.

While The Wolf of Wall Street might be based on a true story, it's hard to believe that every corporate businessman is an evil stereotype, and we shouldn't put everyone on the same basket anyway. Well, science will not reassure you!

A study published by Science Directrevealed that students who chose a career in Business and Economics have in common 5 character traits that are called the Dark Triad. These traits include narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

According to researches in personality traits,The five big traits influence students to take Economics and Business: the desire for power, status, social dominance in the workplace and emotional stability – or the absence of neuroticism – which is generally regarded as the second most important personality trait predictor of workplace outcomes.

A more recent study from Personality and Individual Differences, decent people are not suitable for the corporate world and this industry will twit them. Accordingto Vice Magazine,an innocent sheep will turn into a greedy, manipulative and cynical wolf in a corporate company.

The study surveyed 487 newly enrolled students at a Danish university who were majoring in psychology, economics/business, law, or political science. Participants were asked to fill out assessments that took stock of where they fell in terms of the big five personality traits. With no surprise, the darkest group was the economics/business one. Also, the study revealed that male students scored significantly higher on all Dark Triad traits than female students. On the other hands, women scored higher on n neuroticism, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

To sum up, personality traits do play a part in your career choices. If you know someone who studied Business od Economics maybe take a break with them. If yourself, chose this career, it's never too late to be a lawyer or politician in science...

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