Worrying Study Suggests Getting Busy Could Be Bad For Men's Health

Is making love bad for men's health? This is what Chinese researchers seem to be saying, by establishing a strong link between the frequency of sexual intercourse and prostate cancer.

To stay healthy, should you be chaste? This is the question that many men may have asked since the publication of a study a few months ago, which reveals that men who are very sexually active are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Conducted in China and published last September in the journal of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, this study weaves a link between prostate cancer and intense sexual activity. To reach this conclusion, researchers studied the cases of nearly 15,000 patients, and compared them to more than 40,000 "control" cases.

After many observations, the experts noted that more cases of prostate cancers appeared in men who had many partners, or very frequent sexual intercourse (or masturbation). This type of cancer (which currently ranks third among cancer deaths in men), also occurs most commonly when the man has had his "first time" at a very young age.

Although the conclusions of this study may be somewhat worrying, the authors state that they could not really establish "linear association" between the frequency of ejaculations and the appearance of prostate cancer. They did however observe that the frequency of cancer was lower in men with "moderate" sexual activity, i.e. between two to four times per week.

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