Women Are Putting Their Partner’s Pleasure Before Their Own - And It's Having Damaging Consequences

Many women put their partner’s pleasure before their own and Instagram account tasjoui wants to help change things.

According to a study published in The Guardian, homosexual women have more orgasms than heterosexual women. For those who fervently follow Dora Moutot’s Instagram account, founder of the Instagram account ‘tasjoui’ (‘did you come’ in French) this is nothing surprising. They denounce, however, the sexual burden that is put on women. Like the mental burden, which consists of feeling alone in the face of the taking care of several exhausting tasks, the sexual burden can be exhausting as well. Women's sexual practices often consist of focusing on the pleasure and enjoyment of their spouse to the detriment of their own pleasure. And it must be admitted that this is unfortunate.

‘We go down on them but they don’t return the favour’

Again, the goal is not to lump all men together, they are not all like this, thankfully! ‘Most of my partners demand that I go down on them but they don’t return the favour. Not to mention guys who do not even try to give me an orgasm,’ says Laura, 23, on the Tasjoui account. Another fact which is often very true, when the man has finished, the encounter ends. Few men, tired after ejaculating, take the time to finish the job and allow their partners to reach their climax. Why? This is the question many women are asking. But instead of complaining, this can be discussed with them. Explain to them that women’s pleasure is just as important as theirs, and that women would like to fall asleep satisfied as well and not frustrated.

Another key point of the sexual burden is the management of contraceptive use. ‘When it comes to condoms, it’s always me who has them and who thinks about it all the time,’ adds Camille, 25 years old, on Instagram. And again, it's annoying but some are totally against wearing a condom. When it comes to the pill, it's up to women to take care of it, not to forget to take it and suffer the side effects.

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