Women Are More Attracted To Men Who Have This Particular Odour

If you believe scientists, men smell better if they follow a healthy diet and so could have better luck with the ladies. Even in this new digital and computer-based era, certain human instincts are still there. Let’s explain…

So, if you want to meet the love of your life, all we advise is that you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. It wasn’t us that came up with this theory, but rather a study led by psychology researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Before understanding why, you have to know that sweat isn’t just used to get rid of excess body heat but can also actually be used to obtain information about a person’s state of health. And here is where a woman’s sixth sense comes into play. This instinct can detect whether someone is healthy or not, which then turns into a sort of animal attraction.

According to these same researchers, this attraction is due to the fact that when this smell is released, whilst also letting the woman know whether he is healthy or not, it apparently also lets the woman know if the man would be a good procreator.

Different researchers have established a series of tests that as a starting point, we used to observe the skin of a healthy man using a spectrophotometer. This piece of equipment is able to measure the levels of carotenoids, (pigments that fruits and vegetables contain) which colour the skin (slightly), in people that consume a significant amount of these foods.

Then, they gave t-shirts to a number of men who were then asked to do exercise in them. After this exercise, these t-shirts were given to women who had to determine whether the smell was attractive or not. And those who came off the best were those who had eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables.

But watch out, just because you eat meat doesn’t mean you will smell badly, the smell you give off will just be more intense (but will still be the same smell). Finally, the last thing to take away with you to your dinner parties is that sweat doesn’t actually give off an odour, but the smell actually appears when it mixes with certain bacteria that are present on the skin.

Take a look at the video above for more details...

According to this study, women are happier with less attractive men According to this study, women are happier with less attractive men