Try the Boat Position For a New Angle Of Penetration

Sex doesn’t always go smoothly… So why not try the boat position to mix things up a bit?

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you might experience little drops in your libido that can be difficult to get out of. You get tired of the same old positions over and over again and you decide you want to spice things up again. So why not try the boat position? It’s the best way to set sail on the river of pleasure.

What’s more, this position is not very well known but it will allow you to discover new sensations and feelings and rekindle that flame a little bit. You will feel like a true sailor hoisting the sail. Success guaranteed!

How to perform the boat position?

To perform this position, the man will need tolie on his back and his partner will sit on top of him, but sideways. She can either lean on her hands or against a wall to keep herself stable and as for the man, his hands will be free to touch whatever he wants; her breasts, her bum and, most importantly, her clitoris. But in this position, the lady is the one in charge and will be able to move on top of her partner in a circular motion. However, she will need to be careful and gentle, because when in this position, there is a risk that she may hurt her partner. And that wouldn’t be as fun…

The curvature of the penis is not aligned with that of the vagina, which means that this position can make you experience feelings that you may not be used to and which can be amazing. For those of you who aren't fans of this position, you could always try the spread-eagle instead which is sure to have you climbing the curtains.

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