This New Sex Toy for Men Can Create ‘Female-Like Orgasms’

Here's something that could revolutionise male sexuality. The creators of this brand new sex toy claim that it is capable of giving men orgasms similar to those of women.

One of the major differences between male and female orgasms is the clitoris. This small organ entirely dedicated to pleasure contains numerous nerve endings that allow for orgasmsseven times more powerful than those of the opposite sex. Gentlemen, if you are frustrated to learn this, don't worry, we have the solution! Or rather, the sex toy developer Arcwave has the solution. The latter has just released a brand new sex toy that could give you an orgasm as powerful as a woman’s.

Called Arcwave Ion, this little machine uses a system that launches waves of pulsating air, just like the sex toys for women called ‘clitoral suckers.’ For men, the frenulum is stimulated; it has a large number of nerve endings just like the female pleasure organ. According to the brand, it can give you the kind of orgasm you have never had before.

You will have to pay £169 if you want to try out this toy, and apparently it’s worth it! Of the 100 men who have tried it, 77 said they've never felt this kind of pleasure before.

An opportunity for a more diverse sexuality

Tobias Zegenhagen, Director of New Technologies at Wow Tech, which owns Arcwave, said that the release of this new type of sex toy was much more than just a commercial operation.

The launch of the Arcwave brand does not only represent a new era of male masturbation, but rather a more modern and future-oriented masculinity that allows men to rediscover their bodies and explore the way they experience sexual pleasure.
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