This Marriage Proposal With a Rather Unexpected Ending Has Gone Viral (VIDEO)

A completely surreal video has been circulating social media recently of a marriage proposal with an ending that no one expected.

There are videos that go viral in just a few hours, either because of something unusual, mysterious or, in this case, hilarious.

This unusual marriage proposal on a boat recently went viral and not because it was full of emotion and sincerity like events like this usually are.

The video, which you can find above, shows the woman accept the proposal that she had been waiting for for so long. The couple go in for a kiss, but then the unexpected happens.

Suddenly, the boat starts up, causing the woman to lose her balance and the man to fall overboard. A surreal scene that looks just like something out of a comedy sketch!

Apparently the woman stepped on the gas amidst all the excitement, which is what caused the fatal outcome. At the moment, we don’t know where these events took place or if the protagonists suffered any kind of injury, but what we can say for certain is that they will not forget this unusual proposal for a long time.

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