This Man Had The Most Ridiculous Reaction To A Bad Date

A first date can be heads or tails. Either it starts off well, or it can quickly become hell. This American's story is a perfect example: it ended with a lawsuit searching for the dark history of a text message sent at the wrong time. We'll explain.

For Brandon Vezmar, cinema is sacred! The 37-year-old American decided to take a young woman whom he met to see a movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, for their first date. The problem was, however, that she sent text messages throughout the beginning of the film. After about 20 minutes, quite annoyed, he asked her to stop and, in case she refused, to leave if she didn't want to be there, which she did, never to return.

But the story doesn't end there! Following this disastrous meeting, the young man had a surprising idea, to say the least: to sue his partner (who prefers to remain anonymous, which we understand) for the price of the evening, $ 17.31, to be precise. An absurd decision, to say the least, that's made Brandon the laughingstock of social networks...

Dating 101: Who should get the bill on the first date? Dating 101: Who should get the bill on the first date?