This Is What Your Girlfriend Is Really Fantasising About...

Fantasies, hidden or not, unrestrained or dominant, wacky or ordinary, they take all forms and we all have them...

According to an Ipsos study conducted by the sexologist Sylvain Mimoum, 96% of women have fantasies and 80% of them are ready to act on them. It's good to know that women have secret desires, but what are they? In the video above, you will find the Top 5 most popular fantasies women have. Here is the rest of the top 10.

6. Domination

No, women do not always want a Christian Grey in their life... They also sometimes want to take things into their own hands. Feeling as strong and respected as a warrior is quite something; with or without accessories, the man becomes the ‘object’ of the woman.

7. Voyeurism

Women love secrets and secretive things, the thought of watching another couple make love through the keyhole can be exciting...

8. Making love in a luxurious place

Women have always had a connection to luxury. In a palace, a suite, a yacht, it does not matter as long as it is beautiful, big and luxurious!

9. Hooking up with a stranger

This is a very special fantasy; an evening meeting with a stranger on the street or in a café. Women love mystery, surprise and the unexpected. A one night stand, without ever seeing that person again, is the real forbidden fruit.

10. Sex in public

To experience the thrill of having sex in public, to brave the forbidden, to know that what one is doing is not appropriate, can raise a woman’s excitement dramatically.

More and more women are becoming more adventurous in bed. It is easy to fall into a routine when in a relationship and fantasies are precisely the key to mix things up. So do not hesitate to bring some spice to your sex life and try to make the most hidden fantasies of your partner come to life.

Take a look at the video above for the rest of the top 10 fantasies!

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