This is the most dangerous position for men between the sheets

A recent scientific study revealed the most dangerous position for men when it comes to getting hot and heavy between the sheets with your other half.

Although for many men, having the woman on the top during sex is a source of excitement, it could also be fatal.

At least, that's what was revealed by the results of a study conducted by the Advances in Urology journal. According to the latter, three positions are likely to put these gentlemen's penises in harm's way. Sprains, fractures, there are many risks and these positions during sex do not help. Worse, they can lead to an accident.

The most dangerous position

Scientists recently announced that when the woman is on top of the man, the position can cause penile fractures more easily. While the subject of this study might make you laugh, it is quite serious. According to medical reports from around the globe, penile fractures are quite common and, in most cases, they are caused by this sex position.

Girl-on-top, therefore, wins the award for the most dangerous position, causing 50% of cases of penile fractures. Why? As the woman puts her weight on the penis, sitting a little too far forwards or backwards during a thrust can literally 'crack' it.

Missionary, the 'safest' position?

During sexual intercourse, while they are a little less dangerous, there are two more very popular positions which remain 'risky.' We're talking about doggie style and missionary.

The research compared different positions and, against all odds, it turned out that the safest position for the man was not the good old missionary position. In fact, this position can also lead to a fractured penis. 21% of reported cases of fractures are indeed related to this sex position.

If there is one lesson to be drawn from this study, it's the following: by being aware of these risks and paying a little attention to them, we can at least reduce the chances of any painful accidents.

Take a look at the video above for more details on how to stay safe between the sheets...

This is the most dangerous sex position for getting penis fractures This is the most dangerous sex position for getting penis fractures