This Is How You Could Get Onto The Secret Celeb Version Of Tinder

This Is How You Could Get Onto The Secret Celeb Version Of Tinder

Did you know there was a different version of Tinder reserved for a select few? And unfortunately for you, you may never have access to it...

Is Tinder giving preferential treatment to a certain category of people? The answer is "yes", according to an article on Techcrunch, that claims the smartphone dating application has a "selective" version reserved for celebrities and very rich or physically attractive people.

To access it, they have to click on a blue tab marked with an "S" that allows them to get in touch with handpicked "beautiful people". And you could get onto it too, if your Elo Score, an algorithmic rating system developed internally to rank users, based on their sex appeal, is high enough as many believe this might play an important role in Tinder Select's membership criteria.

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According to well-informed sources, several CEOs and top-models already have access to this very private version... Check out the video above to discover how you too could be in with a chance of getting higher-quality matches on Tinder Select...

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