This Guy Has A 100% Success Rate On Tinder Thanks To This Unique Chat-Up Line

How do you increase your chances of a swipe right? This young man found a way with this genius idea!

What's more romantic than a poem to melt a girl's heart? In any case, this is the surefire method that Joe Bagel, a 25-year-old Canadian man, found to get to know his conquests on Tinder.

Instead of starting the conversation with some trivial, boring subjects, this young man has decided to write small poems using the names of girls whose profiles he's most interested in. Also called "acrostic", this poetic form in which the first letter of each verse spells out the person's name.

And while he admits that he's no Rimbaud, his romantic and emotional approach piques the girls on the receiving end's interest every time. "This technique works great because it is personalized and immediately makes the conversation more special," he says.

The young man fears however that his idea will quickly be copied and adopted by all the online seducers who will want to try it out in the hopes of being equally successful.

This Is How To Boost Your Chances Of Success On Tinder This Is How To Boost Your Chances Of Success On Tinder