Thinking Of A One Night Stand With Your Ex? Read This First...

Thinking Of A One Night Stand With Your Ex? Read This First...

Who hasn't thought, even for a second, about sleeping with their ex? A recent American study revealed that having sex with an ex could do psychological good. Here's why...

The past is the past and sleeping with an ex is not a good idea, at least that's what you hear... but scientists have proven that this might not be the case.

The Daily Mail reported on a study published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, and if you have not yet moved on to someone else, sleeping with your ex could help you overcome the psychological stress associated with the break-up. The researchers noticed that giving in to an impulse, in this case, sleeping with your ex, made the healing faster and more effective.  

American love expert Tracey Cox explains: ‘Sometimes we need to look back on a past event to move forward. Rediscovering the sexual aspect of a relationship can help us realise that we have idealised it or that we are actually suffering less than expected. This gives us a sense of accomplishment that could help.’

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It is made clear in the study that people who have really turned the page have no interest in going back. As for people who are still emotionally very attached, or even in love, this does not seem to be the right solution either.

Sex with your ex, yes, if both parties agree and there is no longer any attachment. Make sense? 

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