These Psychologists Can Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You In Just 5 Minutes

According to a team of psychologists from Brigham Young University, unfaithfulness in a couple could be noticeable in just five minutes by a stranger who doesn’t know the loving couple. Check out the video to find out the signs!

Led by Professor Nathaniel Lambert, the psychologists used students, including 35 women and 16 men in a relationship. They were then asked to complete a questionnaire about their relationship and especially about their loyalty.

The participants had to create a group drawing. One of the partners was blindfolded and the second was to describe to the other what to draw. These scenes of three to five minutes were filmed and analysed by ‘decoders’. Their mission was to decipher on a scale of 1 to 5 the possibility of deception of the partners. The psychologists have found ‘a significant and moderate correlation’ between their analysis and the responses of participants who confessed to their infidelity.

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Guessing if unfaithfulness is present in a couple would require much less effort than we thought, thanks to this study by the researchers at Brigham Young University. Check out the video above to see the test in action!

Oliver Davis
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