Study Reveals The Techniques Most Men Use To Last Longer In Bed
Study Reveals The Techniques Most Men Use To Last Longer In Bed
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Study Reveals The Techniques Most Men Use To Last Longer In Bed

One in three men admit to having experienced problems with premature ejaculation. This study investigates the different techniques men use to help them last longer...

Let's be honest, all men (or almost all) have experienced this problem at some point in their lives. But to prolong the pleasure, everyone has their technique. According to a survey conducted by the site with a panel of 1,000 volunteers, here are the most frequently used techniques to delay the point of no return.

1. Changing position

This is a technique favoured by 63% of men. Not only does a change of position allow you to have a quiet break during the act, but it also gives the impression to your partner that you are the archetype of the demanding lover, who won’t rest until his beloved has reached cloud nine.

2. Take a break, and own it

Less subtle than changing position, a completely obvious break still has the benefit of showcasing your partner, who will understand that your overflow of excitement is due to their devastating sex appeal. 48% of men follow this technique (which is not really a technique, let's face it).

3. Masturbate before getting down to it

37% of men are forward-planning, and take the time for a little solitary pleasure before a date. Which probably explains why these gentlemen so often turn up late ...

4. The condom, not just a contraceptive

Effective in 99% of cases to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, the condom is also a good way to cut some of the feeling during the act, and obviously, the 26% of men who admit to using it to delay their ejaculation have understood this...

And there are also some more unusual techniques, as revealed in the video above...

By Jared Taylor
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