Signs your coworker is definitely into you

Workplace romance is definitely possible when the feelings are mutual between you and your colleague, but how can you tell if she has a crush on you?

Have you ever felt like one of your female coworkers was giving you more smiles, slightly touchy, and has dreamy eyes when they ask to hang out with you after work? Well she might just be casually letting you know she's into you. Here are simple ways to find out.

She smiles whenever she sees you

This is a very small, but obvious sign she might be into you. There may be a special twinkle in her eyes when she is talking to you, and you notice she doesn't act that way around your other coworkers.

Has she ever managed to work her way through the crowd of other employees just to stand by your side? She would always find your company welcoming.

She flirts with you

According to author Joann Ellison Rodgers, flirting is a straightforward attraction signal that literally evolved in humans to help facilitate the survival of our DNA through sex and reproduction.

It’s how we focus the attention of someone we are interested in—a method for giving, displaying, and attracting attention and desire.

Various studies have found that subliminal touches are a powerful psychological trick that you can use to attract people to you.

She asks about your life outside of work

Being interested in your coworker’s outside life may not be more than just a friendly interaction. But she will definitely be asking you about your personal interests and hobbies more than your other coworkers.

If you really want to know if these signs are true then you should ask her yourself also or let her tell you herself.

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