One Item of Clothing May Be the Key to Reaching Climax in the Bedroom

We get it - it's important not to waste any time when you're getting between the sheets. But before you go ripping off every article of clothing and getting on with the horizontal tango, you should maybe consider keeping on one piece of clothing... Let's explain.

The expression 'different strokes for different folks' is one that definitely rings true in the bedroom. Some people find hair disgusting, while others really like it. There are certain smells that can get your motor running that others may find gross. A good rule of thumb: don't yuck other people's yums.

The age-old debate has always been whether or not keeping your socks on while having sex is good or bad. However, it turns out there may be a clear cut answer as to which side of the argument is right. A 2005 study by the University of Groningen found that keeping your socks on during sex… could actually make it easier for you to reach orgasm.

Comfort above all else

The Dutch research team asked thirteen heterosexual couples between the ages of 19 and 49 to participate in their study. They attached brain scanners to the participants while they were in the throes of passion and at the start of the experiment, only half the couples managed to reach orgasm. Thinking they might be cold, the scientists then gave them socks to wear during the next part of the experiment. When they were wearing these socks, around 80% of the participants eventually managed to climax.

Although this research was only carried out on a small sample of people and so solid conclusions cannot be drawn from their results, it does, however, help us understand the subject a bit better. In fact, it could be a question of what the perfect environment for sex is. Itchy bed linen, for example, could stop you from reaching climax, just like when the parts of your brain that feel fear and anxiety are active. Obviously, you have to be in the right frame of mind to reach orgasm.

Socks and orgasms go hand in hand

According to researcher Gert Holstege, who was involved in the study, socks tend to make people feel safer and more secure. When we feel comfortable and warm, both the body and mind relax which stimulates our libido and makes it easier for us to orgasm. And what’s more, wearing stockings helps the blood vessels in your feet to dilate which stimulates blood circulation and makes your orgasms feel more satisfying. So if all you need to enjoy yourself more is a pair of socks, why not give it a try!

Please remember to change your sock if you wore them to the gym though. No one wants to be smelling cheese while getting busy.

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