One In Two Men Think Kissing Someone Else Isn't Cheating

According to a recent study published by BBC Radio 5 Live, one in two men think that kissing someone else is not deceiving. Same for sex on the internet. Women don't agree at all...

The definition of infidelity is specific to each couple, and sometimes even to each person. This is where it becomes problematic. For some, it begins when a partner views a pornographic film alone, while for others a sext is perceived as innocuous. Thinking about another man can be seen as treason, while others don't see where the problem is. British media BBC Radio 5 Live wanted to investigate the subject.

73% of women think a kiss is an act of infidelity

After interviewing 2,066 adults, the media was surprised to learn that one in two men didn't consider kissing someone to be wrong. Conversely, for three out of four women it is. Another study states that 40% of women admit to having been cheated on. Opinions also diverge when it comes to judging cybersex (all sexual activities on the internet, alone or with someone). One in two men also think that this isn't cheating, versus 75% of women. Would they think the same thing if they imagined their special someones doing the same thing? We probably won't have the answer. For relationship specialist Jamie Preece, interviewed by The Independent, differing opinions are based on the different assessments of intimacy by gender: "It's unequivocal...If you don't pay enough attention to your actions and how they can impact your partner, then you're with the wrong person."

Sex on the internet: fun activity or deception?

Less surprisingly, the study reveals that for 91% of adults - men and women - to have sex with another person is cheating. On the other hand, 40% consider these meetings as acts of fun and not an act of infidelity. An amazing figure that seems to mean that 60% of people are okay with knowing their partner might consult other people's profiles and match with them... Relationships 2.0 are certainly not what they used to be, but love lives on, right?

Check out the video above for more on the study's results - be warned, you may not like what you hear...

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