Millionaire: This Tech Entrepreneur Is Offering Money To Whoever Finds His True Love

Let down by dating sites that still haven’t found him to the woman of his dreams, this American entrepreneur decided to go a different route by offering a hefty reward to the person who introduces him to his soul mate.

He’s rich, handsome, and only 30 years old... yet somehow this American tech start-up founder is still single. Growing tired and frustrated about the lack of results through everyday dating sites, Joe Cohen has made a call to the public – find him his other half and receive a small fortune in return.

A return on investment

Cohen promises to deliver a reward of 10,000 USD (over £7700) to the person who successfully acts as his Cupid. There is a small catch however – in order to receive the money, the relationship between him and his potential love must last at least 4 months so as to see if it will work out. Surely this man is a true businessman.

“Compared to the value of a long-term companion, 10,000 [USD] is relatively little. In terms of ROI, it’ll probably be the best investment of my life,” he states. Let’s hope he’s a bit more romantic than that when he comes to table conversation.

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