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It Turns Out Women Have A Quite Surprising Preference When It Comes To Men...

Gentlemen, no need to worry about those extra pounds you’ve packed on. You may not know, but women actually dig a man with a bit of belly...

According to a recent English study, two thirds of women admit to preferring men who are carrying some extra weight.

An enormous revelation 

Big Dude Clothing, a site dedicated to the sale of larger sized clothing, conducted a study of 2,398 English women 18 years or older to try and determine what kind of men women prefer. Shockingly enough, the study reveals that 64% of women admitted to being more attracted to overweight guys.

For these women, the ideal body type is one that sports a bit of fat around the midsection (to be able to ‘grip the love handles’) and between 20-24 lbs overweight.

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The bigger, the better 

According to certain women, men with a bit more to love would be ‘less likely to cheat’ on them. In fact, 44% of women believe that rounder men are more faithful than their athletic counterparts.

Even better for the rotund crowd, women cite an extra few pounds on a man allows them to feel a bit more confident in their own skin. 24% of women in the study also believe that men who spend too much time in the gym are less fun. 21% of women also believe that bigger men have a more developed sense of humour. How about that!

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