Hobosexuality: What does it mean & why is it on the rise?

Hobosexuals are people who date for the sole purpose of having a place to stay. Why is this a common practice? And how can you identify them?

You have probably met a person who swept you off your feet from the first encounter you both had, they eventually warmed their way into your heart and you allowed them to visit your house. You loved their presence and having them around gave you butterflies at first, but slowly, they began to show signs that they probably don’t have plans of leaving.

Hobosexuality defined

According to Nakita Nikki in a 2017 article, a hobosexual is a person who dates you with the sole interest of having a place to stay, not a genuine romantic interest.

They areserial daters, usually people with no plans of being in your life for the long run. They only choose to date based on their selfish interests.

The easiest way to know a hobosexual is that they usually do not have a job. They have stories of ‘expecting the next contract very soon.’ They are usually ‘in-between’ jobs but in reality, they do not have a verifiable source of income. They just don’t move into your house on the first day, it starts in a very subtle manner. They could leave a shirt today, then their tooth brush the next day and one day you realise they are living with you against your will.

Red flags to avoid

A red flag in spotting these characters is that they would be overly interested in how you live.

They make entitled statements like: ‘This wardrobe will be great for my clothes’ or ‘I see myself taking a lot of dips in your pool,’ all while just meeting you for the first time.

Hobosexuals date potential partners who have the resources to fund their ‘lifestyle.' They will probably use your credit cards too, and tell you it’s a loan (which they never pay back).

Another thing about hobosexuals is that they can be very manipulative, you notice that you constantly have to change your lifestyle just to please them.

The best way to deal with a hobosexual is to kick them out of your life, if you are currently dating one. Don’t think you can change them because they have one purpose and that is to continually use you as a means to an end. There is always heartbreak looming at the end of this kind of relationship, so before it gets too late, break free.

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